Calibro 35 - Ritornano Quelli Di (Ghost)

Calibro 35 are bringing you the funk! Can you dig it?

Released Jun 1st, 2010 via Ghost / By Jamie Hailstone
Calibro 35 - Ritornano Quelli Di (Ghost) The 1970s were truly a great decade for film and television soundtracks, with artists like Lalo Schifrin and Curtis Mayfield funking up every kick-ass dude in town. Many Italian films of that decade, particularly the ones that featured hard-bitten detectives, had soundtracks to die for, but sadly never enjoyed the same exposure as some of their American cousins. Fortunately, the Italian funksters Calibro 35 have resurrected some of the greatest themes from that era for their debut effort. It’s insanely groovy stuff. Not only are Calibro 35 funkier than DCI Gene Hunt’s driving gloves, they also pack one hell of a punch too. There’s a heady brew of jazz, rock and funk, which perfectly recreates a seedy world of undercover cops, femme fatales and car chases. The album also includes several original tunes, which fit in seamlessly with the vintage soundtrack recreations.

Film fans will salivate at the chance to hear cuts from a series of obscure films, while funk and rare groove fans will just dig the music. You can expect to see some of this music sampled by all and sundry very soon. The attention to detail is staggering and this album will make you want to go speeding around town in a Ford Cortina, while yelling ‘You’re Nicked’ at the top of your voice.