Honningbarna - Verden Er Enkel (G Records)

The Norwegian punk rock noisemakers return to take things full throttle with their latest long player

Released May 6th, 2013 via G-Records / By Peter Clark
Honningbarna - Verden Er Enkel (G Records) From the opening countdown in ‘Dodtid’, these Norwegian punk rockers make it clear that they’re here to rock your face off. Honningbarna’s second record - their first to be released outside of Norway - is a phenomenal thrill ride through a vicious punk party played by adolescents with absolute freedom to do as they please.

The record, passionately sung in their native tongue, leaves you breathless as it explodes between tracks filled with enough thrashing guitars and gang chanting to start a riot. You might not be able to understand a word they are saying, but the record proves a perfect example of the passion and energy of punk. Speaking enough volumes for everyone to enjoy, they make you able to understand the emotion, rather than the words. With lead singer Edvard Valberg also playing the cello, it adds an almost dignified approach to their work far beyond their years, as heard during ‘Tynn Is’, which comes right before the uncontrollable excitement of ‘Fritt Ord, Fritt Fram’ blossoms, creating moshpits as far as flailing arms can reach.

Single ‘Fuck Kunst (Dans Dans)’ and ‘Offerdans’ encapsulate everything that the band are about: furious energy, danceable punk and, to put it bluntly, happily losing your shit to their music - all in just 30 minutes. Honningbarna is a band that needs to be injected into your life. Don’t let the language barrier be anything but a welcome challenge to your stagnant musical musings. Honningbarna are here to break your face!