Maybeshewill- I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone (Function)

Third album from Leicester instrumentalists extraordinaires.

Released May 31st, 2011 via Function / By Suzi Ireland
Maybeshewill- I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone (Function) Now onto their third album, Leicester rockers Maybeshewill bring forth a heavy dose of instrumental meanderings and its pretty damn good. Having done away with the vocal samples of old, the band still masterfully guide us through this album of highs and lows and they make it very easy for you to go along for the ride.

A gripping intro leads in to first track proper ‘Take This to Heart’. All rolling synths lines and soaring guitar lines, thus the journey begins. Dynamically perfect, you are swept along whether you like it or not. You are thrown up and down and all around, but the band always reward you, with some downtime and atmospheric breakdowns offering some sort of respite. Like in the hauntingly beautiful ‘Words for Arabella’. This violin-led winner is a stand-out for its restraint and gracious melody.

Single ‘Critical Distance’ gallops towards its climax, making your heart pound all the way, whilst ‘Accolades’ conjures up images of a very high Battles playing to no one but a solitary cactus in the Californian desert. Closing tracks ‘Relative Minors’ and ‘To the Skies…’ really show how accomplished this band are, taking it from quiet to aggressive and frightening within seconds.

As final 12 minutes of the album proves, Maybeshewill aren’t afraid to strive for the grandiose and most often come up with the business. A few lulls of energy here and there but for the most part epically huge! Gotta be amazing live.