Sievehead: Into The Blue (Evil Hoodoo / Milk Run Records)

DIY Sheffield punk trio unveil promising debut LP

Released Dec 4th, 2015 via Evil Hoodoo / By Norman Miller
Sievehead: Into The Blue (Evil Hoodoo / Milk Run Records) Sheffield's The Lughole opened at the start of 2014 as a DIY space “run by the punks, for the punks”, with its own label – Kids Of The Lughole – offering a chance for the best local outfits to gain a wider audience.

And here are fine local three-piece Sievehead - Joe, Bry and singer Dave (aka Dirdsbead) – following up a cassette release with a debut album (a limited run of 500 vinyl 12”) that captures the raw energy of their stage shows while setting down a promising marker for things to come.

Among UK contemporaries they've been compared to Eagulls but they're closer to fine US band NOTS, but with a punk DNA going back to early Killing Joke plus Minor Threat. The eight tracks here ooze a febrile energy but the best moments come when the band showcase their way with clever angularity rather than the straightahead thrash of the title track and Weakened.

Several tracks suggest Sievehead could be punk aesthetes. The opener No Grapes is full of smart details as well as introducing us to Dave's memorable lusty bellows and yelps, while Hoax moves from warped slow guitar through a whirl of twisted notes to a thrash finale. Try The Mirror's loping bass and dark vocal declamations nod to past greats like Magazine.

Dream Snatchers showcases the restless fury and demented energy of the Ramones mixed with big chiming guitar straight out of Britpunk c.1980, while the big beefy chords and potent vocal on Last Words has 'punk anthem' written all over it.

Not on the album but well worth checking out is the band's earlier number Tanned – see the promo here. And if you get a chance to see them live, take it.