Sucioperro - Fused (Medals For Everyone)

Ayrshire hard rock trio vent their latest battering ram 'Fused' this September, after spending the first half of 2012 cooped up recording it, ensuring a cracking and worthwhile follow up to 'The Heart String & How To Pull It'. Comparisons to early Biffy Clyro are inevitable, as they have always been – especially after the advent of Marmaduke Duke. A thick Scottish drawl bleeds through 'Fused', with hoarse yells peppered throughout the record, and serrated guitar licks bolting in every direction, part of the intense Sucioperro storm.

Released Sep 4th, 2012 / By Larry Day
Sucioperro - Fused (Medals For Everyone) Lead single 'A River Of Blood' is the first in a sonic trilogy of tracks from the album, the second being 'Pig Ravens', and the third to be announced. It's a cathartic slice of noisy heavy metal, with Slayer-esque, chugging riffs underpinning static coos from lead vocalist JP Reid as chaotic percussion berates the speakers. 'Wolves' is a coke-withdrawal, paranoid curveball of jerky proportions. Reid's Glaswegian twang is uncannily similar to Simon Neil's here, but it doesn't detract from the angular strumming as it turns into a relentless barrage of frustration.

'Rabbits In Boxes' mysteriously creeps along, with the line “You're my sweet little voyeur, stuck in your sick fascinations,” opening the effort. Midnight-inspired twinkling appears from the melodic keys and softly picked guitar, with Reid's cauterising voice echoing between notes as the track trundles into a manic breakdown of messy Metal and lavish six-stringing. 'Glass Castle' is a fantastical deluge of Prog-Rock, Dreampop, and erm... Rap. A grungy mayhem stalks the verses, while soaring synths bob along with childish innocence in the chorus. As the cut trundles towards the outro, the quasi-rap seeps through against the backdrop of blistering guitar and a sea of cymbal thrashes.

The zealous rock elements of the album fiercely guard portions of serene melodic singing and soft synth work; the stark, contrasting sections provide a clear-cut structure to the tracks, rivalling that of contemporaries Biffy Clyro. Sucioperro definitely retain the ferociously bitter Alt. Rock vein which Biffy seem to have lost in recent years during their transition to stadium rockstars. 'Fused' is a sublime album bulging with monster guitars and carnal drums, featuring a broad variety of aural pleasures and musical styles packed into a neat little twenty-nine minutes. It's a staggering caged beast, which, once set free, runs rampant and devours everything in its path. Despite the utter pandemonium, it's certainly worth unleashing.