Vision Fortune: Country Music (ATP Recordings)

Enthralling second LP from London based experimental drone trio

Released Feb 9th, 2015 via ATP / By Norman Miller
Vision Fortune: Country Music (ATP Recordings) “Experimental drone” is one tag attached to London-based trio Vision Fortune, brothers Austin and Alex Peru, plus Andres Cuatroquesos. Or you might go for something like grimy whoozy electro-dub. Whatever you call it, there's a lot to like on this fine follow-on from outstanding 2013 debut album Mas Fiestas con el Grupo Vision Fortune and quirky mix-tape release Titanic Part II: The Legend Goes On… (2000).

For something that sounds like the mood music of 21st century alienation, there's foot-tapping, head-nodding pleasure aplenty, check out tracks like 'Back Crawl II'. A dozen numbers segue sinuously through mood shifts yet stay held together by a basic VF musical template of sparse clattering beats, flat-toned vocals, retro sci-fi electronic FX and deep dubby basslines.

It's hypnotic, dirty and enthralling all at once, with each track still distinct enough to belie the drone tag. Take the trio of numbers in the middle of the list: a 'wheee' of childhood fireworks rises into a night sky on 'Ties And Bound', followed by lush prettiness on 'Sandrino', then frail angst on 'Stalker', haunted by dim echoes of late seventies Numan/Ultravox/Depeche synth-pop.

There's playfulness too – they claim the percussion on 'Dry Mouth' was created by silverware chiming against fine china bowls of foie gras. Yeah, right... Jiittery guitars and dissonant drums on 'Drunk Ghost' have an almost jazzy looseness, while 'Broken Teeth' rides along on loping bass that's gorgeous and menacing at once, with the mixed-up mood strengthened by off-beat crooned vocals.

In a 2013 interview, the band claimed their aim was to “cause confusion” by blurring boundaries. They've achieved the latter but there's no confusion, this is simply bold and beautiful music.