Featurecast feat. John Turrell – Ain’t My Style (Jalapeno)

Southampton DJ/Producer Lee Mintram, better known as Featurecast, piqued interest with his recent EP Around The Block from earlier in the year, and he's set to turn heads once again with his first single on Jalapeno, 'Ain't My Style'- featuring electric soul crooner John Turrell. Featurecast has been touring the globe with his unique union of break-funk, setting dancefloors alight with untameable chunks of French-style disco-dance resembling something from Ed Banger. His presence has been felt in far away lands such as Australia and Germany, where he's been receiving significant airtime- suffice it to say, Featurecast is hot stuff.

Released Jul 15th, 2012 via Jalapeno / By Larry Day
Featurecast feat. John Turrell – Ain’t My Style (Jalapeno) 'Ain't My Style' is cracked open by Daft Punk beats, infectious and brazenly fun, with spirited synthesizers providing instant hooks. Smooth-voiced Turrell is let loose on the track, splashing lashes of his effortless charm, proving beyond any doubt why he is at the forefront of Britain's neo-soul movement. The 70s disco influence is clearly heard, with piping key stabs and a rhythm which demands serious boogie-ing.

The rest of the EP is fleshed out with remixes from HeavyFeet and Psychemagik. The former, Manchester's very own HeavyFeet, lay down a straightforward garage mix, with a thundering bassline while Psychemagik reveal a vocal dub mix, turning the groovy track into a monster of club proportions.

Featurecast makes a defining mark with his debut on Jalapeno, his soul-tinged slab of electro-disco is capable of making the weariest toes tap slavishly. It's sleek and euphoric, definitely a single worthy of regular rotation on summer playlists and something that cements Featurecast's reputation as 'one to watch' for 2012.