Bearded Guest Groom 001 – DJ Raggs

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Posted on Nov 5th, 2012 in Features and Interviews, DJ Raggs / By Matthew Bayfield
Bearded Guest Groom 001 – DJ Raggs The beard is a sacred item. Many strive to cultivate one. Many fail. All covet them. To allow another to groom said beard is one of the deepest displays of trust on the known Earth. Scientists we just paid a backhander to have confirmed this fact. Therefore it is with great pride that we introduce the Bearded Guest Groom. Dedicated to delivering a free mix of independent music of no fixed abode, style or genre. All are bound by one simple similarity: our complete faith in the chosen selector to sculpt, style and shape our precious follicles in whatever way they see fit.

Beards, much like these mixes, don't happen overnight. So spread the word & enjoy!

To kick off our inaugural Guest Groom we welcome DJ Raggs, bringing a blend of some of the deep meditation and atmospheric space of that foundation dubstep sound. In true underground style it's all about dubplates, featuring a host of household names and some live instrumentation, all presided over by fellow Croydub family and legendary host Sgt. Pokes.

So here it is: BGG 001 mixed by DJ Raggs & hosted by Sgt Pokes

Bearded Guest Mix 001 - DJ Raggs by Bearded on Mixcloud


1. Kinzy ft Raggs - Surrender - dub
2. El B ft I.T.A. - Get it in - dub
3. Enme - Blaze With Me - Keep Deep
4. Dubfreq ft Raggs - Coercion - dub
5. Coki - Bedouins - dub
6. Raggs & Dubfreq (ft Raggs on flute) - Metaphysic - dub
7. Tunnidge - Wardrum - Chestplate
8. Coki & Raggs - Celestial Dub VIP - dubplate special
9. Raggs & Dubface (ft Raggs on vox) - In Your Eyes
10.Dubface ft Beezy & Raggs – Closure

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