Bearded Guest Groom 003: Hot Coins

Another awesome guest mix, this time from Hot Coins

Posted on Jan 7th, 2013 in Features and Interviews / By Matthew Bayfield
Bearded Guest Groom 003: Hot Coins Well, the festive season has been & gone for another year, all we are left with is the bleak, mild drizzle of January and a lingering sense of guilt directly stemming from the fact you consumed the weight of a Shire horse in cheese boards and alcohol. No one can afford to go out and most probably can't lift themselves up even if they wanted to go out. It's time to stay in. Start a new year workout plan.

Therefore we hopped on the phone to Berlin and asked Hot Coins, one of the most knowledgeable disco sources around, to put together a special something for you dedicated readers to help dance away the sherry and shame...

The man did not disappoint. Mixed live. All vinyl. All amazing.

So happy New Year readers. Get your Motor Booty fired up, get a decent set of speakers (no laptops) and let Hot Coins disco workout help you shift some of that seasonal spread!

Read Matthew Bayfield's interview with Hot Coins here


1 - Quando Quango - Love Tempo (Rare Vocal Mix) (Benelux)
2 - Lipstique - Boys Will Be Boys (Play House)
3 - George Clinton - Hey Good Lookin' (Capitol)
4 - Midnight Star - Operator (Solar)
5 - Paris - Punkin' Funkin' (Bluebird)
6 - Harold Faltermeyer & Peter Moesser - So High (Alden Tyrell Edit) (Clone)
7 - Tw Funkmasters- Love Money (Ballroom)
8 - The Swiss - Movement 1,2 & 3 (Tbots All Nite House Party)
9 - Cellophane - Music Colours (Did)
10 - Dynasty - I Don't Want To Be A Freak (Solar)
11 - Oneness Of Juju - Every Way But Loose (Sutra)
12 - Stone - Time (Carrere)
13 - Multivizion - W.T.L.D.L.T.W (Beggars Banquet)
14 - Ronnie Jones - Video Games (Polydor)
15 - Benelux and Nancy Dee - Switch (Scope)
16 - Divine - Shake It Up (Break)
17 - Lime - Angel Eyes (Adam Goldstone Edit) (MDM)

Recorded live with vinyl on 01/12/12