Bearded Guest Groom 004 – KRTS

A great new mix from KRTS as part of our Guest Groom series.

Posted on Jan 14th, 2013 in Features and Interviews / By Matthew Bayfield
Bearded Guest Groom 004 – KRTS This week we nipped over to the 5 boroughs of New York, to catch up with KRTS, who has just released a beautiful record entitled 'The Dread Of An Unknown Evil' on Project Mooncircle. You can read the full interview for that HERE

As with any good facial adornment you need to keep the style fresh, and KRTS has done a spiffing job of switching up our short hairs! To save on waffle we'll let the good man himself introduce a very unique Guest Groom indeed!

"A short mix for short story. It's about a woman looking to find where her life can stay at a level of comfort. Her life has dramatic highs and dramatic lows. It becomes a mosaic of emotions. While she pushes her way out of her own war zone of emotions, she struggles with relationships, trust, her career, family, and hope. Somewhere she finds a soft spot to settle herself. At least, settle before the next roller coaster."

"Don't know if you were looking for all that but, it's nice to have an explanation for a mix that isn't your typical mix. Anyways, enjoy!"


Guest Groom Tracklist

The Harvey Averne Dozen - Monday Monday
Roy Lee Johnson and The Villagers - Patch It Up
The Harvey Averne Dozen - The Word
Marva Whitney - Things Got To Get Better
Brute Force - The Deacon
Bohannon - It's Time for Peace
Michael White - Her
Milton Nascimento - Ao Que Vai Nascer
Open Sky Unit - Passion and Compassion
Weedy - Your Lullaby
Long Arm - Perfect Morning
Kwes - Igoyh
SelfSays - Parting Gifts (Shigeto's 1999 Edit)
Common - So Far To Go(Feat. D'angelo)
Kienra - Nangijala
Jay Dee - Get Down

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