Bearded Guest Groom 005 – Grinel

The Bearded Guest Groom series (finally) returns from a spell in the Wilderness with one of Brighton's best kept secrets: it's Grinel of Donky Pitch at the controls!

Posted on Mar 11th, 2013 in Features and Interviews / By Matthew Bayfield
Bearded Guest Groom 005 – Grinel For those who have been keeping an eye on the Guest Groom series you will have noticed a slight break in service since our lovely fourth instalment by KRTS back in January... Yes like a Stella powered vagrant our 'Beard wandered off into the wilderness, was presumed dead, and then stumbled back into town overgrown and more unkempt than ever.

Luckily Brighton based Donky Pitch, a label whose sound is so idiosyncratic even they haven't decided what to call it (you can catch our full interview with the team HERE) sent in their best man in the form of co-founder Grinel, to help pick the fluff, trim the excess and get the 'Beard ready for another year of musical binging!

So here it is. Grinel's 'Bearded Mix By A Bearded Man' featuring some upcoming madness from the Donky Pitch stable (oh come on, the pun had to go in sooner or later), unreleased bits from DP friends & family like Slugabed and a few bits so futuristic even Grinel doesn't know who made them.

Eee - Orr!

Guest Groom 005 - Grinel of Donky Pitch's 'Bearded Mix By A Bearded Man'

Bearded Guest Groom 005 - Grinel by Bearded on Mixcloud

Giraffage - Home (Alpha Pup)
King Louie - Dope Smoke (free download)
? - ?
Keyboard Kid - I'm God I'm Devil (self released)
XXYYXX - Good Enough (Relief in Abstract Records)
Jaw Jam - The Truth [Lockah Remix] (Tuff Wax)
Friendzone - Rest Pt2 (Donky Pitch)
Keyboard Kid - B&H On Deck (unreleased)
Keyboard Kid - MortalKombat (unreleased)
Eloq x Lockah - Untitled (unreleased)
LiL TExAS - Shaba (Donky Pitch)
Doctor Jeep - Freak U (Freshmore)
LiL TExAS - Let It Bump (M|O|D)
813 feat. Bobby Tank - Fantasmo (Activa Benz)
Arnold - Her Mouth (M|O|D)
Salva - Drop That B (Friends of Friends)
Lockah - Young Neon Countach (Donky Pitch)
Lockah - Let The Cool Air Breeze (Donky Pitch)
LiL TExAS - Whoah (Donky Pitch)
? - ?
Slugabed - This Is A Warning (unreleased)
Mr Carmack feat. Arnold - Muney [Gimme Dat] (self released)
DJ Rashad - Rollin (Hyperdub)
Culture Freeman - The Fittest (Conscious Sounds)
Eloq - C'mon (Activa Benz)
Taste Tester - Take It To The Floor (free download)
Ruff Sqwad - Functions On The Low (No Hats No Hoods)
King Louie feat. Juicy J & Pusha T - My Hoes The Do Drugs (free download)
Friendzone - Retailxtal (Donky Pitch)
Deniro Farrar & Shady Blaze feat. Main Attrakionz - Fallen Soldiers (free download)