Bearded Guest Groom 006 – King Knut

The sixth in our series of guest mixes. This week King Knut.

Posted on Mar 26th, 2013 in Features and Interviews / By Matthew Bayfield
Bearded Guest Groom 006 – King Knut For the sixth instalment in our Guest Groom series we tapped up King Knut, who took us for a psychedelic adventure through everything from golden era hip-hop through early Kraftwerk right up to the original kings of the musical beard The Grateful Dead.

Let’s get truckin’ Beardgang!

Bearded Guest Groom - King Knut by Bearded on Mixcloud

1. Kraftwerk - Elektrisches Roulette
2. Serge Bulot - Danse Des Lutins
3. Alain Renaud - Opening Opus 19
4. Yellow Magic Orchestra - Firecracker
5. Mix-O-Rap - All Party People
6. Dam Funk - Black
6. King Knut - A Lil' Soul
7. Steve Roach - Distance Is Near
8. Human League - Dancevision
9. Phantom Band - Latest News
10. Grateful Dead - Serengeti
11. Sound Of Feeling - Up Into Silence

Read our interview with King Knut HERE