Bearded Spotify List

Let Bearded once more offer up some of the fruits of the independent scene for you on a platter, a BBQ platter, in the sun, with a beer.

Posted on Apr 11th, 2011 in Features and Interviews, SPOTIFY / By Peter Clark
Bearded Spotify List It's April, the month of Bank holidays, and the sun seems to be out, and the one thing that springs to mind every year is this, beards and heat just don't seem to mix! So while we wipe the ice cream from our face fuzz, and wipe the sweat from our brow, have a look at our latest selection of the best independent music around at the moment.

We've got a bit of everything for you, including tracks from the forthcoming punk-rock records from The Computers, Fixit Kid, and Max Raptor. A bit of mind bending weirdiness from the latest offerings from Gable and Hexvessel, alongside Half Man Half Biscuit, because, well, there doesn't really need to be a reason for some Half Man Half Biscuit does there?

Ending this week's list comes a track from the Undergroove Records release This Is Where The Fight Begins from The Ghost Of A Thousand who decided to call it a day, so bask in their glorious aggression one last time to remind yourselves of what you're going to miss.

Until next week, listen to this!