Dewy Sinatra’s Bearded List

Unwind after a hard week with Dewy Sinatra's cherrypicked tracks. Redefines cool.

Posted on Sep 6th, 2013 in Features and Interviews, Dewy Sinatra / By Larry Day
Dewy Sinatra’s Bearded List Future R&B/electro hip-hopper Dewy Sinatra is set to blow up in a big way. Like The Weeknd, he channels deep-rooted emotion via roughly hewn synths, skittish beats and a gargantuan lexicon. There's a warped, distant 4am ambience that rekindles memories of James Blake and The xx, but when his vital spiel ricochets through the cavernous noise, you remember that although there might be familiar moments, this is something fresh. We're big supporters of Sinatra here at Bearded, and he was kind enough to curate a super-chill playlist of his favourite tracks for us. Listen below.

Here are the cuts not available on Spotify for your listening pleasure: