Introducing… Tusindfald

Our Introducing... series focuses on artists who we think are worth shouting about. Here we have Danish dreampop trio, Tusindfald.

Posted on Aug 26th, 2013 in Features and Interviews, Tusindfald / By Larry Day
Introducing… Tusindfald Here at Bearded we aim to shed light on acts who don't necessarily have giant labels or muscley budgets waving banners behind them. This Introducing series will focus on artists who we think are great, regardless of how much hype surrounds them or where their origin story lays.

Name: Tusindfald
Location: Haderslev, Denmark
Genre: Drømmepop
Similar Artists: M83, College
Contact: Facebook
Events: Debut EP Kys released September 23rd on vinyl

Scandinavia has one of the best track records when it comes to releasing music. Over the past decade or so, the region has proved itself a vital source of fantastic pop, rock, shoegaze and electronica, as well as everything in between. Denmark's Tusindfald incorporate threads from all of those genres, cherrypicking the ripest components for inclusion in their ethereal dreampop; reminiscent of Claire, M83, College and a myriad of stunning Scandinavian acts, the fledgling foursome point to an illustrious future with their current offerings.

Streaming their debut EP ahead of its September 23rd physical release date, we get to hear what the quartet have to present to the world. Kys is rife with sounds of stadium proportions and noises for itty-bitty caverns drenched in the dankness of isolation. They flitter between intensely intimate and grandiose statements seemingly on a whim with all the panache of The Verve, Sigur Rós or '90s trance.

'Kys', the EP's title track, sizzles in the baking dusk sunshine. It's a track signalling anticipation and of endless possibility; it cultivates a chilled-out vibe, with hooky bass licks and shards of sweet icy synth. There's a shroud of fuzz that envelops the track, demonstrating the four-piece's penchant for shoegaze and sculpting a thick, gooey atmosphere for which hopeful dreams can sprout. Bathe in the glow of 'Kys', and you'll be richly rewarded.
Tusindfald, meaning 'A Thousand Falls' in English, have already dropped their EP online, inciting a palpable buzz amongst e-crowds. But, with the promise of an exclusive extra track, the vinyl is surely a better option – who doesn't love more music? Summer may be coming to an end, but whack on Kys and you can pretend it's going to last forever.