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  1. Introducing: Pale Rider

    Introducing: Pale Rider

    Liverpool’s redoubtable new psych rock quartet Pale Rider are put under the microscope

    Posted on Feb 14th, 2018

  2. Interview: The Barr Brothers

    Interview: The Barr Brothers

    Starting their UK tour this Friday, singer Brad Barr chats about the band's highly praised 2017 LP Queens of the Breakers and upcoming shows

    Posted on Jan 22nd, 2018

  3. Interview: Oh Well, Goodbye

    Interview: Oh Well, Goodbye

    The Liverpool post-punk group discuss their new EP release Affinity Part 1 and future plans

    Posted on Nov 11th, 2017

  4. Interview: The Vacant Lots

    Interview: The Vacant Lots

    Jared Artaud from the US psych/electro duo chats about TVLs recent second LP Endless Night and upcoming tour dates

    Posted on Nov 10th, 2017

  5. Introducing: Evil Pink Machine

    Introducing: Evil Pink Machine

    Under the Introducing spotlight this month is Liverpool based synth/psych pop types Evil Pink Machine

    Posted on Oct 31st, 2017

  6. Interview: Desperate Journalist

    Interview: Desperate Journalist

    The post-punk quartet discuss the inspirations behind their excellent second LP Grow Up, plus info on tour dates

    Posted on Oct 3rd, 2017

  7. Interview: Miranda Lee Richards

    Interview: Miranda Lee Richards

    The Californian baroque pop/cosmic country singer chats about her new LP Existential Beast and upcoming live dates

    Posted on Aug 19th, 2017

  8. Interview: Dan Croll

    Interview: Dan Croll

    The alt. pop singer chats about his forthcoming second LP Emerging Adulthood and upcoming live dates

    Posted on May 15th, 2017

  9. Interview: Cheech

    Interview: Cheech

    The Manchester MC chats about his recent LP Diá des Muertos and upcoming projects as part of hip-hop collective The Bluntskins

    Posted on Apr 10th, 2017

  10. Interview: Lindi Ortega

    Interview: Lindi Ortega

    The alt. country singer discusses superb new EP Til the Goin' Get Gone & info on North American tour dates

    Posted on Apr 6th, 2017

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