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  1. PINS: Stay True/Get With Me (Bella Union)

    PINS: Stay True/Get With Me (Bella Union)

    Manchester quartet return with storming double A-side single

    Posted on Jul 3rd, 2013

  2. Emily Wells - Passenger (Partisan)

    Emily Wells - Passenger (Partisan)

    Emily Wells releases new single 'Passenger' in anticipation of her debut UK album 'Mama'. Larry Day gives it a listen for Bearded

    Posted on May 7th, 2013

  3. Frank’s Daughter – Fall Fully Backwards (Immure)

    Frank’s Daughter – Fall Fully Backwards (Immure)

    Paired up by destiny at the turn of the decade, Deptford duo Frank’s Daughter have been conjuring ideas for fizzy brain-massaging sounds since that fateful whisky-soaked evening in Brooklyn, New York. Frank and Arthur – not, as their names may infer, a vaudevillian organ-grinding act – eventually relocated to old London town, but finding the urban rat-race dull, swiftly relocated again to an out-of-season Alpine hotel, presumably exactly like the one in The Shining. Fast-forward a few years, and we have a burgeoning produceral pairing, ready to unveil their debut LP The Sound Of A Heart Unravelling in May.

    Posted on Mar 5th, 2013

  4. Villagers – Nothing Arrived (Domino)

    Villagers – Nothing Arrived (Domino)

    Irish folk-rock brigade Villagers, fronted by the sonically-dextrous story-spinner Conor O'Brien release new single 'Nothing Arrived' from their recently dropped sophomore effort {Awayland} – yes, those brackets are in the title. With the glowing, gushing praise the Ivor Novello award winners received for their Mercury-nominated debut Becoming A Jackal, the only way was up for O'Brien.

    Posted on Feb 1st, 2013

  5. METZ – Dirty Shirt/Leave Me Out (Sub Pop)

    METZ – Dirty Shirt/Leave Me Out (Sub Pop)

    Previously only for those who managed to grab a limited-edition 7”, Dirty Shirt/Leave Me Out is at last available for digital download for those who missed out on the chance first time round. The Toronto noise-punks, METZ, have also announced an extensive European New Year tour, playing a silly amount of dates across the continent. With a brutal onslaught of lethal guitars, lawless percussion and the deranged yowls from singer (?) Alex Edkins, the trio have been compared to The Jesus Lizard and Drive Like Jehu. Their eponymous debut was met with rave reviews earlier this year for the pummelling it gave listeners' ears, and this latest offering is no different.

    Posted on Dec 11th, 2012

  6. POLIÇA - Wandering Star (Memphis Industries)

    POLIÇA - Wandering Star (Memphis Industries)

    ‘Wandering Star’ is the latest cut to come from POLIÇA’s spellbinding and widely acclaimed debut LP, ‘Give You The Ghost’. For those uninitiated with the band, ‘Wandering Star’ acts as a perfect welcome mat, and for those who know and love POLIÇA already, well, it beautifully encapsulates the bands woozy and moorish sound.

    Posted on Aug 29th, 2012

  7. run, WALK! / Sirs - Split 7” (Holy Roar / Topshelf)

    run, WALK! / Sirs - Split 7” (Holy Roar / Topshelf)

    Boston label Topshelf ally with the UK’s own Holy Roar to release four blistering tracks from a couple of their best exponents of catchy yet brutal musicianship.

    Posted on Oct 10th, 2011

  8. Waters - For The One (City Slang)

    Waters - For The One (City Slang)

    Debut single from ex Port O'Brien frontman's new project

    Posted on Oct 9th, 2011

  9. Brew//Dance To The Radio Split 10”

    Brew//Dance To The Radio Split 10”

    When Bearded interviewed Brew earlier this year, they said "the idea of not doing a physical release makes me a bit ill" and so it is with great pleasure that we see this split 10” with Dance To The Radio playing its part in celebrating Record Store Day 2011.

    Posted on Apr 21st, 2011

  10. Metronomy - She Wants (Because)

    Metronomy - She Wants (Because)

    From their forthcoming English Riviera record...

    Posted on Feb 18th, 2011

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