City and Colour @ The Roundhouse, London 19.10.11

Dallas Green's last visit to the UK was the memorable Royal Albert Hall performance; but is it possible to stun and empower the British audience again?

Oct 19th, 2011 at The Roundhouse, London / By Joshua Edwards
City and Colour This Roundhouse performance was round two of two dates at the venue from City and Colour. Rumour being that the previous night's performance would be tough to top. Stepping out from the curtains the band take to their positions (with Dallas Green standing far left of the stage, an unusual choice) picking up their instruments, and counting into first song on new album We Found Each Other In The Dark. A country inspired ditty, Dallas quite clearly decided on dressing himself ready for a rodeo sporting a huge white jacket consisting of golden rope patterns and spurs on the shoulders. Quite fitting for the new album's genre turn from Dallas' previous two album ventures.

After a mix of new and old songs; including new single (and second time played in this UK tour) ‘Weightless’ the band leave Dallas to his devices and he takes to the stage alone; the same as when he began the project of City and Colour. Before playing, Dallas chats to the audience ending his brief conversation with "This song is for anyone that's loved the old albums" breaking into fan favourite ‘Day Old Hate’ a belting 7 minute song consisting of just guitar and vocals. His emotion and blue-eyed stare slips each lyric into everyone's ears and emits a collection of tears and loving embraces from the crowd.

Drifting through his solo acoustic set Dallas includes crowd participation with tracks ‘What Makes A Man?’ and ‘Body In A Box’, Dallas has the entire Roundhouse in the palm of his hands, strictly the work of a performing genius. Finishing his solo set, the band hop on board once again to end the show with three songs. Ending with epic conclusion track ‘Sorrowing Man’ with Dallas screaming at the close "Oh how you have lost your way" the band come together powering through with their instruments on the final chords and finish.

The eventual encore begins with Dallas alone again playing other crowd singalong tune ‘Comin' Home’ (this time Dallas has ditched the rodeo for braces and a black shirt). A song containing the simplest of chords but effective all the same with its lyrics, stabs, and dynamics. The lyric "I've seen the palace in London" eggs on a roar from the audience and a group chant of the final lyrics before Dallas ad-libs into ‘Wilhelm Scream’ by James Blake.
"Thanks so much for coming everyone, I joked 3 years ago about playing at The Roundhouse when I came to a show here, but you've just made this unreal. Two sold out shows? Who would've thought it?" are the final words said by Dallas before the band crash into last song ‘Sometimes (I Wish)’ ending as they began with a crowd that had full support of them, their righteous self-confidence, and a back catalogue of fantastic tunes.