Interpol @ Brixton Academy, London 07.12.10

One of the most intriguing bands of the past decade, New York’s finest Interpol popped over here to play three sold out nights at Brixton Academy and Bearded tagged along to witness them in all their dark glory.

Dec 7th, 2010 at Brixton Academy, London / By Suzi Ireland
Interpol Opening with first track on the new album ‘Success’, the men in mostly black started as they meant to go on. Tight, assured and with the new found enthusiasm of a brand new band. This enthusiasm may come from being joined on tour by one of Paul Banks’ teenage heroes Dave Pajo – formerly of underground legends Slint. Filling the hole of towering former bassist Carlos Dengler is no mean feat, but the boy done good.

‘C’mere’ followed and was the first of an Antics heavy set, which pleased Bearded very much. ‘Slow Hands’ got the crowd going but the rest of the gig saw a typically static audience. Not bored, just totally captivated. Possibly their best tune, ‘Lights’ makes Bearded go a little funny, like when we used to climb the rope in gym class. It built and built and left us absolutely exhausted, extremely satisfied and in desperate need of a cigarette. Stunning.

The carefully constructed set list reminded us of exactly how special this band is. ‘Not Even Jail’, ‘Mammoth’ and most recent single ‘Barricade’ was Interpol in full rock mode, whilst the haunting ‘NYC’, crowd favourite ‘PDA’ and newbie ‘Summer Well’ showcased Banks cryptic, cynical and clever lyric writing. With some lovely surprises thrown in for the geeks, everyone left the gig satisfied and relieved that their beloved band are surviving losing a rather important limb. Carlos may be gone, but Interpol lives on.