‘Music For Churches‘ @ St. Andrew’s Church, Brighton 02.03.11

Bring together a fabulous setting - a gorgeous 19th century church just off Brighton seafront - and an adventurous musical curator in the shape of Bunty Le Jule and you have the sort of artistically satisfying event the town does so well.

Mar 2nd, 2011 at St. Andrew's Church, Brighton / By Norman Miller
Le Juki Greek Cypriot headliners Trio Tekke are technically excellent but, after a few tracks their updated folk sounds with the bazouki-like rempeteke to the fore sound a bit samey.

Thankfully, that can't be said for the preceding trio Le Juki featuring Bunty and two unintroduced co-players. Multi-instrumentalists all, they serve up a wonderfully diverse set featuring top-notch playing and idiosyncratic but never less than intriguing songwriting across a range of genres, swapping effortlessly between guitar, percussion, brass and electronics.

Before Le Juki, there's more of a leftfield mix-and-match to proceedings. Gorgeous cello wafts through the church for the first 10 minutes, followed by a solo piano foray from Sylvia Saunders which, despite her nervousness, interestingly mixes jazz standards with classical pieces.

The quirk factor is provided by who do a dry, witty and often endearingly rude dissection of old folk chit-chat that falls somewhere between Alan Bennett and Mike Leigh. Fab visuals - psychedelic slides, great b/w graphics and mind-blowing vintage movies of surfing and racing - round off a great package.