Tellison / Fixtures / Jackhatch @ Moles Club, Bath 26.10.11

Local powerpop trio Jackhatch explode into their show-opening set tonight, assaulting the Moles crowd with a barrage of heavy rock riffs and frenzied basslines. Jackhatch seem rough around the edges, but this just adds to their charm - they aren't a polished mainstream act, they are a DIY band focusing on getting the crowd moving. Dripping with infectious licks 'Mindy' hints at a more mature New Found Glory and stands out as a definite highlight - the offbeat guitar and ska-tinged vocals from lead singer Chris Bunt showcase an unexpected side of the band. Jackhatch play uptempo, danceable rock songs from start to finish, ending their half-hour set on their self proclaimed “biggest chart topper”.

Oct 26th, 2011 at Moles Club, Bath / By Larry Day
Tellison As Fixtures soundcheck, it's clear that they are going to be more experimental than other bands on the bill - row upon row of effects pedals litter the stage. Sharply dressed and largely speechless, they wildly saunter from song to song. Creating expansive shoegazer soundscapes appears to come naturally, and the intricate guitar work from guitarists Ash Tubb and Ben Green ripples through the speakers. As guitar bands go, they are pretty innovative in this day and age, and a far cry from the standard rock band set-up. Comparable to Everything Everything or Foals, their post-rock influences give Fixtures a wider palette to play from. 'Sculpture Culture' demonstrates some of this ingenuity with math-rock time shifts and shuddering drums. Complete with massive choruses laden with poppy hooks, Fixtures astonish the audience with constant musical twists.

Scottish quartet Tellison arrive promptly onstage, and after a brief introduction, launch headfirst into their high octane set. They craft intelligent pop-punk that doesn't take itself too seriously, yet still manages to make an emotional connection. 'Say Silence (Heaven and Earth)' features Shakespeare quotes and a plethora of rapid-fire riffs. Undeniably catchy, Tellison have Moles shaking with excitement, dancing feverishly and singing to the rafters. Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Stephen Davidson comes across genuinely humbled and taken aback by the heartwarming welcome that Moles gives the band. 'Edith' is their new bittersweet pop-rock single, played note perfect to rapturous applause. The band close their final song and go offstage, only to be beckoned back moments later by chants of “Tellison! Tellison!”. Announcing that they “Don't normally do this sort of thing,” Tellison rocket through their encore, 'Harry Goes To Paris'. Smirking like schoolboys and drenched in sweat, they should be pleased with the calibre of tonight's show.