The Minutes /Towers/The Radiant Sounds Of Dust @ The Thekla, Bristol 24.02.12

Bristol based psych outfit The Radiant Sounds of Dust open the show tonight, delivering a pumped-up set of shoegaze-rock. The intense, often pained sounding vocals fit snugly against the backdrop of seemingly infinite guitar effects. Some songs feature a more traditional rock structure and sound, while others, including a bass-led instrumental number halfway through, are akin to more 60s prog wailings, somehow being enjoyable to listen to and yet lavishly self-indulgent. Blighted by technical issues, the band could do with tightening a few screws here and there so that the cyclone of distorted reverb is at least in tune.

Mar 24th, 2012 at The Thekla, Bristol / By Larry Day
The Minutes Towers, after a recent name change (former moniker: 'In Your Honour') are bursting with youthful energy tonight. The barely- if at all- old enough to drink teenage foursome nervously bombard the crowd with tracks about lights and dreams titled 'Lights' and 'Dreams'. Obviously. lead vocalist Jay Parker has a powerful voice sitting somewhere between Hayley Williams' melodramatic drawl and Ed Sheeran's eggshell-thin breathiness, and, coupled with the finicky guitar janglings from lead axelady Chloe Bell, shows a maturity in the band far beyond their age. The post-post-hardcore/indie group stun tonight, performing a hugely fun set on the top deck.

Irish cock-rockers The Minutes ooze charisma from every orifice. They have no qualms about bantering with the crowd, riling them up into a manic, possessed frenzy of rhythmic movement. 'Black Keys' is a raucous highlight, swaggering to and fro with swung drums and hook-laden vocals. The band have a definite American feel - harmonicas and sleazy rock 'n' roll tracks aplenty, they capture the lost art of rock within their scant hour set. There are religious references dropped noticeably into most songs- “I could be your Jesus,” is chanted regularly throughout 'Fleetwood' and there are nods to Calvary, the Cross and God in other songs. Debauched bass chugs along and snarling lyrics spit from the lips of singer Mark Austin. There are hints of ACDC and Queens of The Stone Age rumbling under the surface, but not enough to distract from the unique ballsiness of the Dublin trio and the constant barrage of Gatling gun riffs keeps the energy from lulling. After already supporting the likes of The Strokes, Noel Gallagher and Flogging Molly and the well received release of the debut album Marcata, The Minutes have a promising future. If tonight is anything to go by, then they are well worth keeping a firm eye on.