Why? @ Union Chapel, London 24.10.11

As Why? shuffle on stage in front of an anticipant Union Chapel crowd, Yoni Wolf - front man, and chief mischief maker promises something different. Not just an atmospheric set in an unusual venue, but a showcase of entirely new material. With a 5th album on the horizon this is most definitely a test run but Why? sound like they've been playing these songs for longer than half a tour.

Oct 24th, 2011 at Union Chapel, London / By David Waite
Why? Indie-rock/folk/hip hop fusion sounds like a complex thing but it's devastating simple at times. Vocals from all 4 including new female addition Becky Wolf are beautifully judged, dipping and rising and the minimal set up on show tonight gives the harmonies centre stage. In short Why? sound great. For a band with a lo-fi sound there's a lot of depth but then the large ceilings of the chapel don't give you the option.

They look at home on stage too. There's an awkward charisma about all 4 members and the on stage discussions are all pretty charming. Due to the size and nature of the venue, the band are able to get more involved with the audience. At one point bass/percussionist Josiah Wolf - (Husband of Becky, Brother of Yoni if you're keeping score) asks a girl walking away from the stage, where she's going. "Nowhere" is the answer.

And what of the new songs? Well, in truth they haven't been as much of an experimental band for a couple of albums and by the sounds of it this record won't give fans any oddities in the style of first record - 2003's Oaklandazulasylum - but the lyrical bite remains as always descriptive, mixing fantasy with a sleazy reality. It would be a brave man who would bet on it disappointing on its release.