Audio Doughnuts Second Birthday Jam!

Doughnuts. Everybody loves them: colourful, full of variety, brilliant at parties.

Posted on Nov 28th, 2012 in News / By Matthew Bayfield
Audio Doughnuts Second Birthday Jam! Unless you are some social media obsessed participant in a BBC Three teen eating documentary you are blatantly a fan. If you pay any attention to electronic music you should also be a fan of the good folk of Audio Doughnuts, who celebrate their second birthday this Friday 30th November at Fire, in Vauxhall, London.

Much like the high-carb snack from which they borrow their namesake they specialise in parties full of colour and variety and the line up for their second birthday has more big names than a Krispy Kreme has a risk of diabetes.

The line up is far too massive to go though here in full and covers thirty years of electronic music, but to name just a handful: Zed Bias (pictured), a true original of more or less everything, will be taking on himself under his Maddslinky guise, like something out of a mid-nineties Jean Claude Van Damme film. Regular Hyperdub contributors Ossie and Funkystepz will both be in attendance, along with Will Saul, Roy Davis JR, Salva, Two Inch Punch, My Panda Shall Fly, live performances from AD family Benin City & Onoe Capone as well as Pusherman (who made the wonderfully eccentric Wiley sampling 'Donuts' earlier in the summer) not to mention an appearance by man/woman/child of mystery Route 94, who may or may not be playing a whole set in a Poppin' Fresh costume... That last bit may be fictional, but seeing as tickets are nearly sold out you should follow the link below and bag one ASAP or you'll never know the truth... Besides doctors regularly tell you that you need more doughnuts in your life!

Stuff an Audio Doughnut ticket in your face HERE

Watch a whimsical track all about doughnuts HERE