Caxton Press Release ‘Shame The Devil’

A new UK collective with a thoroughly old school mentality

Posted on Apr 20th, 2012 in News / By Matthew Bayfield
Caxton Press Release ‘Shame The Devil’ When the Caxton Press first arrived in 1476, in the days when the beards were longer and the gin was stronger, it was as true then as it is now that communication is vital. Admittedly with the advent of the internet and the Kindle the original press may not be seeing the action it once did, but despair not, for UK hip-hop collective Caxton Press are thankfully on hand to keep the message alive.

Comprised of emcees Manage, Kingpin, eMCee Killa and Amy True, alongside Profound the group's in house producer and DJ Snuff on the boards, Caxton Press is a hip-hop collective in the truest sense of the word, working entirely in house and with little or no concession to prevailing trends.

Their debut album Shame The Devil has just dropped via Defcon Records and features a wealth of material, refined over the past couple of years, that will make old school heads drop to the pavement and rejoice, whilst hopefully teaching some younger folks that it's not all about the brand of your wristwatch, what trainer you're sponsored by or how many cars you've parked outside "the club".

Lyrically the album covers everything from state of modern society on the pensive 'Rally Up' to the trappings of street status on 'Big Buck Star' and much more in between whilst the production remains rich and consistent throughout, conjuring up thoughts of the more soulful string heavy RZA productions of the mid- nineties or pretty much anything by 7th Wonder.

There is a definite void in hip-hop at present for this sort of material, so if you find yourself a little disheartened by endless club raps, endorsement's for PE kits or slightly flickering images of supposedly dead rappers running around your stage then it is more than recommended you pop to and get acquainted with this unique UK collective.