Croydub Easter Bunday - This Sunday!

Everybody loves a party. Specifically one you don't have to organise yourself. Even more specifically one you don’t have work the day after. Praise be then that the fine folk of the Croydub clan, led by original mystic mouthpiece Sgt Pokes, have decided to put on a suitably spectacular shindig on their home turf at Croydon’s Black Sheep Bar this Easter.

Posted on Apr 3rd, 2012 in News / By Matthew Bayfield
Croydub Easter Bunday - This Sunday! Sunday 8th April sees Croydub return once more with the 'Easter Bunday', another gathering of some of dubstep’s true originals for the sort of showcase that would be enough to bring Jesus back from the dead without ever needing to bust a sweat rolling that big stone all about the place. Fittingly for the day of the Lord Sin City will be in attendance courtesy of the legendary Hatcha, big time wheeler dealer N-Type, Mighty Moe & Hizzleguy, as well as Biscuit Factory Records kingpin Walsh, who will be bringing a fat bag of dubs (and hopefully some Hobnobs) to the foray along with Chefal & Bluesy from the Sub Freq fam, J Da Flex & dubstep's first lady Raggs of Ghost Recordings, with some added treats sprinkled on top courtesy of Surge, a fresh face currently making noise over at the aforementioned N-Type’s Wheel & Deal Records, the always off kilter Craze and T_! of Macabre Unit fresh from his smashing up of the Stink Like Sock 5th Birthday last weekend.

For those who are still unconvinced by these disciples of the dub there is also the combined talents of the unequivocally legendary Benny Ill and Artwork, two men who, rumour has it, were present not only at the very beginning of dubstep, but were also hanging about for the last supper a couple thousand years ago too. Artwork had the prawn cocktail… Said it lacked passion. Regardless of tawdry starters however you can guarantee with a guest list such as the one above, coupled with Pokes and Crazy D on the mic coordinating the gathering and a penchant for unexpected special guests and general subbass shenanigans shit may indeed get somewhat biblical in Croydon this year!

Check the full details on the Croydub Facebook page here or go chat to the chaps directly on Twitter @Croydub_HQ… Even if it means stealing a donkey or selling out a friend to the Romans you should probably head to Croydon this Easter, because unlike Church they don't prod you with a collection plate and tell you you're going to hell every half hour... and that sack of mini eggs will just make you fat anyway.