Croydub Returns To Save Another Bank Holiday

Looking for something to do this bank holiday weekend?

Posted on Aug 17th, 2012 in News / By Matthew Bayfield
Croydub Returns To Save Another Bank Holiday Another bank holiday has descended upon Great Britain, and we all know how that plays out. Abysmal weather, visits from family members you really can't be arsed with, the intense urge to find an alcoholic drink and the majority of the British workforce doing very little other than complaining about having bugger all to do.

Well thankfully, as ever, Sgt Pokes and the other fine folk of the Croydub clan have decided not to sack off work this August bank holiday, and have organised another evening of entertainment at Black Sheep Bar in Croydon where, rest assured, as well as a line up of ridiculous proportions, you can almost certainly find that drink you've been hankering for.

Previous nights have read more or less like a role call of vital figures in the dubstep scene including Hatcha, Benga, Distance, Benny Ill & Artwork to name but a handful and this line-up is no different.

Rood FM regular Dubfreq (pictured) will be making his debut, SLT Mob aka Slaughter Mob, a team who have been representing since the days before anyone even knew what a "Myspace" was will be out in full force, the Chestplate family will be flying their flag in the heavyweight division with Tunnidge and Cyrus, Wheel & Deal bossman N-Type will be spinning back to back with Surge (fresh from their awesome September Sun collaborative EP) Chef, Kutz, Hijak and Raggs are all in on bass battering duty, as is Cluekid, another long time Croydon player who has worked with the likes of L.D, Kromestar and Skream...

Speaking of Skream, he'll be on deck too alongside Sgt Pokes, having just torn down most of Europe, the US and Australia and probably some other places even Michael Palin would struggle to spell properly. So there's really no excuse, the family's all here, drinks are available, you have nothing to get up for Monday and to really cement it as a celebration Tacolisa have started doing cheesecake... It kicks off at 8pm and tickets are a tenner on the door. It's clearly going to be more fun than moaning about the postal service!

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