Croydub Vs Wheel & Deal at Cable, London

Christmas comes early.

Posted on Oct 11th, 2012 in News / By Matthew Bayfield
Croydub Vs Wheel & Deal at Cable, London If you're bothered about bass music, sound systems, decent nights out or independent music in any way there's a high chance that Christmas is coming a month and a couple of days early this year. Furthermore you'll be pleased to hear they've sacked off that cattle shed and replaced it with one of London's finest nightclubs, so you won't have to sing carols or share your skanking space with the cast of Babe either.

Yes on November 23rd at Cable, London things are set to get biblical, as Croydub meet up for a bit of a clash with N-Type's Wheel & Deal Records and, as is tradition, it's (another) line up second to none.

There's familiar Croydub contributors aplenty, including Wheel & Deal chieftain N-Type, Kiss.FM and dubstep keystone Hatcha, Rinse.FM don Youngsta, Chef, Walsh, Bluesy, Unitz, Raggs and Hijak. There's also the likes of Soap Dodgers, who have recently seen releases on both Wheel & Deal and the legendary Tempa Records, Surge, who produced both the hypnotic 'Leech' on Wheel & Deal earlier this year along with the excellent N-Type collaboration 'September Sun' as well as Benton, who has not only seen excellent releases on labels such as Black Box and Biscuit Factory, but can also lay claim in his track 'Zardos', to creating one of the only listenable pieces of music on earth based around a film starring Sean Connery (we've taken into consideration Bryan Adams’ moving theme song to Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves but decided Connery didn't have enough screen time to make it a viable candidate).

Hosts for the occasion come in the form of Sgt Pokes, a man more seasoned in his chosen profession than a Phil Collins divorce lawyer, Blacks, an emcee so synonymous with grime its barely needs mentioning and regular Bug collaborator and Roll Deep legend Flowdan. If Her Majesty doesn't have time to make her regular festive speech this year the safe money is probably on it going to one of these three wise men.

...Oh and there's also an appearance from Coki. One half of Digital Mystikz and one of the most unique producers currently battering soundsystems the world over.

With earlybirds going for just over a tenner at both Resident Advisor and Cable's official site respectively, your clammy digits should already be jabbing at the keyboards, but if not, why not make like all those absurdist department stores and start Christmas early!?

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