Donky Pitch Unleash More Free Wonderment!

More free stuff!

Posted on Mar 1st, 2012 in News / By Matthew Bayfield
Donky Pitch Unleash More Free Wonderment! Way back in the day (about a month ago) Donky Pitch, the Brighton bassed (it’s a shit pun, not a typo) record label gave away a completely free EP of sonic workouts far more enjoyable than my haphazard wordplay. And shit a brick they’ve done it again!

As well as the recently released Technicolor titbits of Boss Kite’s Comicon EP (available for free HERE) you can soon treat yourself to the twisting, crunk-juiced jams of the Hyaline EP courtesy of recent Brighton based signing Moscow. Another set replete with those squelchy synths and psychedelic melodies, this EP is another vibrant plume in Donky Pitch’s swiftly crowding headwear.

But like mind expansion frontiersman Aldous Huxley so wisely taught us; 'By it's very nature every embodied spirit is doomed to suffer & enjoy in solitude.' What the man is saying, admittedly in slightly negative tones, is that you can never fully share an experience, as no one will interpret said experience in precisely the same way you do. So don’t worry what Bearded thinks, explore for yourself over at the Donky Pitch BANDCAMP!!!