Fliptrix Releases ‘Mind Travelling’ EP

New release from High Focus Records

Posted on Mar 20th, 2012 in News / By Matthew Bayfield
Fliptrix Releases ‘Mind Travelling’ EP High Focus Records have just dropped the outstanding new Mind Travelling EP courtesy of UK emcee Fliptrix ahead of his third full length Third Eye Of The Storm which will be arriving on April 23rd

If you like emcees who constantly big up spending money "in the club" or love to tell you how much their Gucci tea cosy cost on a track you'd best fuck off, as Fliptrix has a tendency to take things in much more innovative and complex directions on the mic than brand names and whether or not he leaves them round his aunt's house, as new track 'Land Of The Lost' so wonderfully illustrates. The video, edited down from footage taken from such psychedelic source material as Gaspar Noe's visually boggling 'Enter The Void' is also well worth a gander. Though possibly not after a heavy day on the drink.

Investigate the new video here or pop over to High Focus Records official website to help send your mind on a little journey friends.