Friction Prepares To Elevate

Shogun Audio’s Friction is bringing extended joy to Village Underground this February.

Posted on Jan 9th, 2014 in News / By Matthew Bayfield
Friction Prepares To Elevate You know how the New Year story goes: Christmas has gone, you’re skint, you’re unhealthy and you’re still trying to palm off endless pots of Twiglets on whichever unlucky visitor happens to pass by your house. It’s a new year: time to make a change. Grow up. Focus on the future.

Thankfully by February, no one gives a shit.

Everyone stops the facade of healthy living and “saving for the future” and goes out twice as much for twice as long, twice as often to compensate for yet another ill-judged January of crash diet tedium and “quiet nights in with the missus.”

This year Shogun Audio bossman Friction has taken it upon himself to kick-start your recovery/regression with Elevate, taking place on 1st February at Village Underground, Shoreditch.

The night focuses on extended set times meaning that DJ’s can dig deeper and ravers can get drunker. There will be a two hour set from the man himself, which, if you know nothing at all about Friction, is guaranteed to be a technical tour de force and support comes from Koan Sound, Rockwell and Dimension, with Linguistics and AD on emcee duties for the duration.

So throw off the oppressive (probably fairtrade, organic) shackles of January’s healthy living, turn off the endless reruns of some banal “comedy” on Dave, and go dance your beard off like you know you should have been the whole time.

The last event sold out too, so if you absolutely insist on doing one grown up thing this year, plan ahead and buy advance tickets HERE