Get Outside This Summer - SATTA Outside

Fancy a trip to Lithuania this summer?

Posted on Jun 27th, 2013 in News / By Matthew Bayfield
Get Outside This Summer - SATTA Outside If you are reading this anywhere in Great Britain chances are the weather is terrible right about now. If the weather isn’t terrible, chances are it will be in about six and a half minutes. Such is the temporal majesty of “British Summertime.” What you need is a holiday.

This summer Lithuania might just be the place to go, as SATTA Outside, the alternative music and arts festival, is back on August 8th – 11th for its seventh year in Sventoji, this time with the added bonus of two stages directly on the beach (and we’re talking beautiful European beaches, not Great Yarmouth style ones full of dog shit and broken children).

Acts confirmed so far include Shackleton, JETS (the splendid collaboration of Machinedrum and Jimmy Edgar) Lapalux, the entire of the Los Angeles based Low End Theory crew (in their only European festival date) Obey City, DJ EZ, Icicle, Get Darker’s DJ Darkside, Phaeleh, ClekClek Boom’s French Fries, Jean Nipon and Bambounou, the amazingly monikered DJ Paypal and Brighton’s Donky Pitch with more acts being announced regularly.

There are also stages being curated by promoters like Renegades Of Bump, who represent the cutting edge of the beat scene, and Surf Through Rock Country, who represent the psyched out indie-surf-psychobilly scene (obviously) and a Panke, a space dedicated to art, workshops and all that good leftfield stuff.

So forget picking dog mess and despair from your sandals under grey Victorian workhouse skies in Britain this summer, get out and hear some beautiful music in beautiful Europe instead!

Full festival details can be found on the SATTA website and tickets can be purchased HERE