Head South This Saturday

Got any plans this weekend?

Posted on Oct 18th, 2012 in News / By Matthew Bayfield
Head South This Saturday Saturday is nearly upon us again Beards and you know what that means: Sitting in with "the other half". Eating terrible food you paid double to have delivered. Watching a pack of amoebas from admin chase their dream of being really shit pop stars on X Factor whilst someone, somewhere, sometime is probably putting on a wonderful night out that you're not aware of...

Well that someone is South, that somewhere is the Peckham Palais, and the sometime is 10.00pm on Saturday October 20th.

If you're not familiar with South yet fear not, you're in safe hands. The opening night in September featured the like of Boddika, Oneman, Eliphino and Mickey Pearce and the pre-opening night last June had folks such as Loefah, Randomer & Fantastic Mr Fox on duty. They also kindly stepped in to pick up some of the slack after that whole Bloc fiasco with a lineup including Jacques Green, Actress and Martyn... We were supposed to be there, but got too pissed on gin and fell asleep in a pub. Let's move on.

This Saturday's event sees a line up of no class sheen than those before it, and for a mere £7.00 you can enjoy the selections of Tim Hinson, Snalka, Sion, Seb Wildblood, Dauwd, Breach and Will Saul (pictured). That works out at less than a quid a DJ and it's definitely cheaper than your TV license, so nip over to Resident Advisor and spend a few quid on something other than staying in with a takeaway this weekend!

In the meantime why not also download the excellent FACT mag mix recently assembled by Breach? There is probably sod all on the telly.

You can catch up with the South team on Twitter @SouthPeckham