Impending DOOM!

New collab from the infamous wordsmith

Posted on Aug 28th, 2012 in News / By Matthew Bayfield
Impending DOOM! Yes DOOM is coming. Coming to Britain. Shoreditch to be more geographically specific. But fear not Beards. It's not the bad sort of doom, the doom where things burn, people scream to the lord and Jessie J gets another godforsaken encore... It's the good sort of DOOM. Yes the one spelt in All Caps and represents the metal faced villain of hip-hop... Funnily enough, called DOOM.

On Friday 2nd November, one of underground hip-hop's most sacred treasures returns to our shores (technically his home shores too no less) to perform what is set to be a very special gig alongside new collaborator and beat maker of ridiculous finesse Jneiro Jarel in support of their new delightfully British themed LP Key To The Kuffs at Village Underground, Shoreditch.

Between the pair of them they've collaborated with more or less everyone whose anyone in proper hip-hop (as far as I know neither has produced a Flo Rida club "anthem" anyway) with DOOM having worked alongside Dangermouse under their Dangerdoom alias, Madlib under their Madvillain alias and JJ remixing for the likes of Radiohead. Now, they've joined forces, like a latter day, MPC handling Crockett & Tubbs, to become JJ DOOM. Expect delirious wordplay, delicious beats and maybe a splash of Cockney rhyming slang.

Get you mince pies over to the Soundcrash website for full details.