Kid Koala (and Friends) Hit London to Play Records… and Bingo

The legendary turntabilist visits London town

Posted on Aug 9th, 2012 in News / By Matthew Bayfield
Kid Koala (and Friends) Hit London to Play Records… and Bingo In a recent interview a world famous DJ, who regularly performs in the guise of a mouse, went on record (ahem, pun) and said that his profession was mainly just "a bunch of button pushers." As you can imagine this caused a bit of a scene amongst other members of his profession. However, for those unawares there is a definite distinction between DJ'ing and Turntabilism. In a live setting there are few things more impressive than a musician who can cut up and layer samples live on vinyl, as opposed to just pressing a couple of buttons. One thing that's more amazing than live turntabilism is when it's combined with a round of bingo.

It's a good thing then that one of the undisputed greats of this discipline, Kid Koala, is coming to the 02 Academy, Islington for a one off show as part of his 'Vinyl Vaudeville' tour, supporting new album 12 Bit Blues.

As well as also getting the chance to see one of the planet's world class DJs perform his unique cut & paste style live (which is a true spectacle in itself) there will also be some posh, shiny robotic backing singer puppets (no, there genuinely will) some Kid Koala dancing girls, some more dancing robots, the live assembly of a giant cardboard gramophone (that actually works) and that one thing that every British person complains is missing from modern DJ sets: some good old fashioned parlour games in the form of a "funky roulette wheel" (no idea what that is, sounds lovely though) and some 12 bit blues bingo...

So if you are fed up with dour, existentialist mice DJing at your gigs and want to move on to a substantially more upbeat mammalian music maker who also has robots and a bingo machine get over to the Soundcrash website and sort yourself out with a ticket for what might be the only show this year to be more absurd in real life than it looks on paper...