Random Axe Hit the UK

Hiphop trio Random Axe hit the UK in October...

Posted on Jul 25th, 2011 in News / By Matthew Bayfield
Random Axe Hit the UK If, come October, when the biting cold has reared its familiar face and it once again becomes vaguely acceptable to wear a scarf in a nightclub (though I still harbour personal doubts) you find yourself in need of a musical education but having nothing save the chemical neon videos and mentally anorexic artists of MTV Base to sample then dig deep down the side of the settee, find some bus money, and get down to the Scala, London to witness the convergence of three of underground hip-hop's most vital artists.

Random Axe, the underground collective comprising Sean Price, Guilty Simpson and Black Milk, will be appearing on October 20th in support of their critically acclaimed and all round banging self titled debut album which was released earlier his year. The album was produced in its entirety in-house by Detroit producer Black Milk and takes his trademark soulful sound, twists it in a slightly harder direction than you may be familiar with if you heard his 2010 effort Album Of The Year. This new, fiercer style is perfectly complimented by Boot Camp Clik veteran Sean Price, known for his gruff delivery and hardcore aesthetic and the heavy set, complex rhymes of Guilty Simpson. One of the late J-Dilla's regular collaborators, Simpson has confidently advanced through the ranks of underground hip-hop for some time, and with the rest of Random Axe it would appear their are no plans to stop just yet.

We all know October is shit, the late summer tan has long since peeled and the beer soaked fortnight that comprises the Christmas period is still another 10 crushing weeks of work away. So be selfish. Switch off whichever faceless drone is telling you they own 73 Ferraris on MTV, jack some of the seasonal savings and get yourself down to the Scala for a taste of proper live US hip-hop in the heart of the nations capital, courtesy of 3 of the hardest workers this side of a Guatemalan Primark sweatshop.

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