Something For The Weekend: Cambridge

It's true what they say, Cambridge does provide a higher education!

Posted on Nov 15th, 2012 in News / By Matthew Bayfield
Something For The Weekend: Cambridge Cambridge has always been synonymous with education in the Great British psyche. More recently education has become (sadly) synonymous with crippling debt, years of unemployment and generous helpings of Jeremy Kyle reruns.

Thanks goodness then, that Stink Like Sock, the original soundsystem scholars of Stevenage, have returned from their summer off (which featured an Outlook excursion where they ran a smashing boat party) to educate the good people of Cambridge in the joys of bass music once more

Returning to their home grounds of The Junction, Cambridge the SLS team of T_!, Swiss & Daddy Genius (pictures) will be joined by Oneman, Youngsta, Kromestar, Jarmz, Foul Matta, Napper, Sounds Of Joah and hosts Toast, Imja & Bossman Johnson to provide you with a sound education in bass music, having a good time and (eventually) smelling like a used foot adornment. Best of all, you don't need a loan big enough to buy a third world sweatshop and instead of filling out a 42 page UCAS form you just need to follow this link.

So don't sit in this Saturday, get yourself a higher education!

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