Sounddhism Hits Twenty!

Visit the Bodega on 2nd June

Posted on May 15th, 2012 in News / By Matthew Bayfield
Sounddhism Hits Twenty! Most things that reach the ripe old age of 20 have more than likely seen some dizzying highs, some soul destroying lows and the odd creamy middle; as a human at twenty you’ll have hopefully found, at least once, the elation of love or at least a KFC that opens 24 hours, alongside a few of those crushing moments that truly test your character, like the first time you are contacted by Inland Revenue about owed taxes or when you set the Sky box for Bargain Hunt wrong, and end up recording a full lunch hour’s worth of David Guetta videos. Twenty of anything is a lot of time for mistakes. Unless, it would appear, you are Nottingham’s Sounddhism night, which is about to hit their 20th lineup.

Housed at The Bodega on Saturday 2nd June, Sounddhism 20 sees the return of the stunning Submotion Orchestra, a seven piece band of absurd versatility, whose sublime concoctions of bass driven groove and velvet soft vocals would be just as at home in the concert halls of London as they were onstage at Outlook last summer. Much hyped electronic duo Maribou State, who look set to shit gold this summer with an EP forthcoming on Fat Boy Slim’s Southern Fried Records bring their laidback hypnotic sonics to the party as well as Natalie Duncan, a singer recently signed to Universal Records who boasts a powerful range, captivating showmanship and none of that gurning faced, lantern jawed bullshit you have to put up with from ringtone ready tools like Jessie J. There is also the rich soul grooves of Noke Lick Masheen, another Sounddhism favourite, alongside the perennially reliable resident DJ’s in the form of Omah, Sibley and Hemulen Soundz.

So if you are looking for something altogether more soulful and rewarding than that mulleted French DJ who not only looks like a Romany Gypsy, but is intent on being all over your radios as well as your driveway, take yourself to The Bodega in Nottingham this June 2nd for Sounddhism 20… It’s probably worth missing Bargain Hunt for.

As if this wasn’t enough resident gentleman DJ Sibley has provided us all with a blissfully sunny little mix, featuring many of the aforementioned lineup, to make us think of the two and a half days in May so far this year where it hasn’t been damper than the critical reaction to any Paul Hogan film that didn’t involve a crocodile. Here’s to being twenty again!