Take A Little Trip To The Kingdom Of Fear

'First Lennon, now this, I thought. Next we'll have Glen Campbell screaming "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" Hunter S Thompson.

Posted on Oct 11th, 2012 in News, Jehst / By Matthew Bayfield
Jehst Sorry people, Glen couldn't make the journey. Luckily UK hip-hop maverick Jehst (pictured) and the other good folk of YNR Productions could, and they came strapped with a little teaser of their new project Kingdom Of Fear. If you're not familiar with the gonzo styling of Hunter. S. Thompson, or the leftfield hip-hop of Jehst don't panic, as this video gives you a brief peak into a freewheeling, madcap trip that looks set to be one of most original sonic outings of the year.

A concept piece produced entirely by Jehst himself and featuring contributions from other nefarious faces of the YNR camp, Kingdom Of Fear is a project about as concerned with UK hip-hop's current status quo as Thompson himself was with journalism when he penned 'Fear & Loathing' in the heady drug rush of the seventies. Expect warped samples, blunted beats, wordplay that would make a Scrabble champion pass a kidney stone and (hopefully) a Christmas panto's worth of cart wheeling midgets.

So as your attorney we advise that you pack light, dust off your MPC and pack some dust in your blunt (and possibly pack a light) because it's time to hit the road and the roach with the Kingdom Of Fear.

Check out the video trailer here

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