Telepathy record steaming in full

New record from post metal/sludge slayers available to hear in full.

Posted on Apr 30th, 2014 in News, Telepathy, Devouter / By Peter Clark
Telepathy The latest offering from Devouter records, Telepathy's 12 Areas, is available to stream in full right now, right here.

Following on from 2011's Fracture EP, 12 Areas is the debut full-length from the post metal/sludge newcomers, With a concept 'beginning with the slow and uneasy fall into unconsciousness, the record explores the subject of lucid dreaming and dream phenomena, charting the progression of a lucid dream and the many sleep states of the human mind involved in the experience'. That description tells you that you're in for an uneasy ride.

The band play a release show on May 8th at Colchester, Hole in the Wall, as well as dates at London, Brixton Windmill on May 9th, and Norwich, Karma Café Vaults on May 10th.