Warehouse Project Approaches To Sign Off 2012

Bearded's Low End Lowlife went and did some homework in Manchester on the Warehouse Project 2012 to save everyone some hassle avoiding those post summer blues.

Posted on Aug 28th, 2012 in News / By Matthew Bayfield
Warehouse Project Approaches To Sign Off 2012 We all know September and the months following it can be a something of a low point in the year. The weather (if it ever picked up) has probably turned shit again. Nights are drawing in and the festival season of the summer months has drawn to a close. It's ages 'til Christmas and Halloween is just something that gives young children diabetes. For the most part it is nearly as dull as Superdry clothing.

Thankfully this is not so for fans of electronic music (or an exceedingly good club night) as Warehouse Project have a ridiculous line up of shows running from September 28th - January 1st 2013 at their new home on Trafford Park Road, Manchester.

Moving from Store Street to a larger capacity venue, the Trafford Park warehouse (pictured) has undergone 18 months of building and restoration work and now features three rooms of vast industrial space primed for everything from rib rattling bass frequency to the most intricate sonic detailing. The space is almost tailor made to meet the requirements of any discerning bass fan but it also looks to be both a unique and atmospheric venue where the focus is firmly on the music, and not a bunch of glow in the dark phone charging towers trying to convince you to buy a broadband package. Add to this the fact it's both indoors and has concrete floors and it's pretty much set to be the perfect festival venue for people fed up of getting rained on and having their expensive trainers ruined. There's also the Victorian Warehouse Hotel literally next door, so you can sack off that ridiculous hassle of public transport queues and cab fares the size of a Third World national debt that tend to come part and parcel with most inner city festivals and literally stroll straight to bed.

WHP opened its roller doors for two special shows last Easter which featured the likes of Claude Von Stroke, XXXY, Scuba, Carl Craig and Julio Bashmore amongst many others. That however was barely a warm up for the autumn / winter run, full details of which you can investigate here.

Appropriately enough the season starts on September 28th with none other than Rinse FM's 18th Birthday celebrations. Rinse has been pivotal to bass & electronic music since it's formative early years as a pirate radio station. The line up for it's big 18th reflects every facet of its storied history and looks set to sell out extremely quickly.

With some nights already sold out and others fast filling up you should definitely investigate the Warehouse Project before you find yourself sat in 2013 wondering why you didn't do something sooner.

Check the WHP 2012 website for all the information you need including lineups, blogs, interviews, tickets and accommodation (I think if you ask politely they'll even ask your parents if they can give you a lift)