Frank’s Daughter – Fall Fully Backwards (Immure)

Paired up by destiny at the turn of the decade, Deptford duo Frank’s Daughter have been conjuring ideas for fizzy brain-massaging sounds since that fateful whisky-soaked evening in Brooklyn, New York. Frank and Arthur – not, as their names may infer, a vaudevillian organ-grinding act – eventually relocated to old London town, but finding the urban rat-race dull, swiftly relocated again to an out-of-season Alpine hotel, presumably exactly like the one in The Shining. Fast-forward a few years, and we have a burgeoning produceral pairing, ready to unveil their debut LP The Sound Of A Heart Unravelling in May.

Released Mar 4th, 2013 / By Larry Day
Frank’s Daughter – Fall Fully Backwards (Immure) The album is preluded by lead single ‘Fall Fully Backwards’. There are two versions floating around – one, a so-called ‘album cut’, marches alongside a viral video about classic ‘70s wrestlers; the other, more official looking effort, holds hands with a budgety clip full of bear costumes and little girls. The former is more serene, more lugubrious (brilliant word, that) and features Phillip Glass-like minimalist xylo-synths. It’s hazy, trancey and there’s almost a Madchester vibe going on, and it’s easy to imagine the song soundtracking a strobey montage of hallucinations, spirit animals and meditation. The second version, the more official-looking edit, has skittish percussion, Skream synths, and is on the whole, much more introspective. There’s robotic blip-blops following a frenzied beat, soaring pads and resonating silence – this version has a higher production value, but also changes the timbre of the song. It’s not really done for better or for worse; the two versions go hand in hand, as if recounting two sides of an inner psyche.

The electronica twosome draw influences from ‘90s trip-hop and alt. rock, which isn’t entirely overt in the music, but after repeated listens you can begin to hear where their foundations come from. The track, whichever edition you choose to listen to, is a solid slap of sensitive synths, it’s something very much worth repeated listens, and hints at grander things from their upcoming full-length. Keep an eye on these two, they’ll impress over the coming months.