Lady Lykez: I Love My Butt (self-release)

Earworm debut single from British femcee

Released Aug 18th, 2013 / By Larry Day
Lady Lykez: I Love My Butt (self-release) London femcee Lady Lykez proved herself a rare talent on 'Eurgh!', with a Gatling-gun flow as vitriolic as it was witty; the skeletal production enhanced her words as they ricocheted from her lips faster than your brain could comprehend them.

Lady Lykez has drawn comparisons to Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot and Lady Leshurr and cut her teeth engaging in freestyle wars in LDN community halls with Chipmunk, utilising a smorgasbord of pidgin lingo and regional slang – there's no way of denying that she's a Londoner and proud.

She's lured massive names to her camp with sharp beats and cuts, garnering praise from Lethal Bizzle, Misha B and Tinchy Stryder, and gaining a headline slot at DJ Melody Kane's Female Takeover tour and a support slot with American R&B megastar Eve, where her new single, entitled 'I Love My Butt', proved so popular she was forced to perform it a second time.

Imagine a British Nicki Minaj living off a diet of special K and then spouting half-rhymes fixated on her own derrière; it's got to be heard to be understood.

It's gimmicky, that's the first thing that's obvious. The press release features a snippet of Lykez explanation: “This song is about being happy with yourself no matter your shape or what other people say is the way you should look. It's about working with what you got and flaunting it!”

Quite frankly, that seems a mite tacked-on as an afterthought. Secondly, it's plain ridiculous, with the some lyrics including, but not limited to: “How I get my jeans on and never get stuck?/ How I get my jeans on without ripping the crotch?”, “Arse so fat it's like a tank engine!” and “Jelly on a plate, wibble wabble wobble.”

It's inane and flippant, solely focused on her callipygian assets, and about as far removed from female empowerment as you can get before you start becoming misogynistic.

It's without a doubt laugh out loud, one of those once-in-a-blue-moon songs that can induce a genuine giggle, and she proves once again that she's a dab hand at comedy, but no-one's laughing with her.

She's pie-ing herself in the face for a cheap thrill, she's acting the clown for a single laugh. The production, conversely, is ripe, on the money and crisp. Buoyant synth bloops and deft percussion evoke a tropical feel – it's very summery – and while Lykez widdles away her credibility, her backing noises steal the show.

Lady Lykez might be a rare talent, but this is a false step. She's bypassed dignified beats and the groundbreaking words she's clearly capable of; rather, she's rhyming 'wobble' with 'wobble' and telling the world how meaty her rear end is – for an aspiring chart-topper with designs of greatness, this is not the sort of thing that people will remember for changing the face of anything.

Even Nicki Minaj waited until she was stinking rich before selling her soul. Would Kanye West ever be the demi-god he is if he'd released 'I Love My Butt' in his halcyon days? Not a chance.

Hopefully, this isn't Lykez shooting herself in the foot or sabotaging her own career. An innate gift like hers shouldn't be squandered. The funny thing is, despite how ludicrous this track is, it's still impossible to decipher if it's any good or not.

Even though it's silly in the highest degree, there's still, for some reason, an element that's alluring, magnetic and fascinating. You can't turn away. You won't get it out of your head.

It might be that Lady Lykez has created a pop masterpiece behind the façade of drivel. It'll be a divisive single, but it will be talked about. People will love it, others will loathe it – you'll have to decide on which side your heart lies with.